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Agricultural Vocational Centre of Central-Hungary

The Agricultural Vocational Centre of Central-Hungary is the cooperation of 4 different schools. These institutes cover the whole agrobusiness from plant growing, animal husbandry, horticulture, forestry, engineering, to food industry, cartography, landscaping, rural tourism and agricultural economics and trading.

We offer full-time education for our students from the age fourteen to twenty. This year we have about 1500 students and the participants of the adult education.

The vocational centre is regulated and financed directly by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Our schools are located in Central-Europe and in the centre of Hungary. Two of our schools are in Budapest, one in Vác, at the bank of the river Danube, and one in the mountains of Buda, in the town Piliscsaba. The schools are closer than 40km from the central building (located in the X. district of Budapest).

All of our schools have student-dormitories, this way we can provide good conditions for students from the countryside.

Educational system

We offer vocational programmes in many sectors. The 3 years long educational program ends with an examination. Students receive professional certificate after the successful exam. There are practical and theoratical parts of the program. The practical part takes a higher percentage: 60-70 %.

The 4 years long vocational secondary programs are combined: theoratical lessons in a higher number but also vocational subjects as well. This program ends with high-school graduation, and allows students to apply to university, college or a higher vocational program.

Post-secondary vocational programs, like technician programs are taught on a higher level and require a graduation exam. These programs last for one or two, in some cases two plus one years. They learn professional subjects, composed by fifty percent theoratical and fifty percent practical education. Closing the formation they take an examination and get a professional certificate.

Bercsényi Miklós Vocational School of Food-industry

This school is located in the X. district of Budapest. It is more than fifty years old, and was grounded to supply the food industry in Budapest with good qualified employees. Students can study meat-processing, complex food-industrial subjects and food-analitics. We are the only one vocational school in Hungary which can provide every part of the complex food-industrial training and education.

Good equipped training facilities and workshops grant for students and teachers the quality of the education. We have 3 shops – one in the Bercsényi school, one in Vác and the third one is in the student hostel of the school- where we sell the products made by the students: sausages, smoked meat-products, vegetable cans, jams, marmalades, juices and soda.

In 2015 we celebrate our 10 year cooperation with a Danish meat-industrial school in Roskilde, where 20 students receive Europass certificate year by year.

Varga Márton Vocational School of Horticulture and Cartography

The other school in Budapest is the Varga Márton Vocational School of Horticulture and Cartography.

The school has the name of a famous Hungarian botanist gardener, who was a teacher in the school after the World War I.

The school has a beautiful Japanese Garden, visited by the imperial family of Japan and was considered as a real Japanese garden.

Located in the heart of Budapest the gorgeous garden and flowers mean a green island for the people.

The students can practice in the greenhouses or in a plow-land outside of Budapest. We grow here flowers, ornamentals, vegetables and fruits. The vocational program of horticulture and landscape architecture is very popular.

Secondary and post-secondary vocational programs of geodesy and cartography are very unique. Right next to school there is a renovated student-dormitory.

Dr. Szepesi László Vocational School of Agriculture, Forestry and Mechanics

Piliscsaba, a small town in the mountains of Buda gives home to our school of agriculture, forestry and mechanics. Here an inspirational atmosphere is combined with huge professional experience and a training base. This background gives good chance to the students to take the practical part of the formation.

With a huge professional experience the school is one of the most successful agricultural engineering vocational schools in Hungary.

Forestry, as the renewed formation, means the running development for the school.

Students can take a practical training in Finland since 2014, where they can learn new technics, practice the language.

Táncsics Mihály Vocational School of Agriculture

The biggest school of our centre is the Táncsics Mihály Vocational School of Agriculture in Vác. This school has lots of traditions and is well-known in the region as Vácimező.

The school is in contact with many other educational and professional organization not only in Hungary but in Europe.

The most popular formations are the secondary vocational program of agriculture and the post-secondary program of agriculture or agricultural economics and trade. With the certificate of the secondary and post-secondary programs many of our students go to universities in Hungary or abroad to learn agriculture or veterinary.

Simple vocational programs like horse riding, grooming and farming are quite new in this school, but gaining more and more popularity.

Student’s life

We pay attention to student’s life, we think that a good school is a place where students feel better than anywhere else. Many of our students have social disadvantages; psychological, behavioral problems and learning disabilities. We have more and more teachers of persons with learning difficulties to help these students.

It is a very hard work for our teachers to motivate these young people and give them future plans and goals.

However we gain good achievements, also on national competitions we reach usually good places.

Year by year every school organizes its own student’s day, prom, graduation ceremonies and reverse days.

We organise also special events for everybody who is interested. We have professional days when we show to the public our activities, like flower exhibition, farm-exhibition, traditional pig-slaughtering program.

This is the third year when we organise summer-camp for the students who gained the best achievements or were the most active in the school’s social life. It is always a big success where they get to know the students of the other school-locations of the vocational centre.

International projects

Our centre has a very active international life. Every year, we take part in the Erasmus+ student mobility and innovation transfer programs. In the last 2 years Bercsényi school was a host partner for a Spanish university and Spanish students spent 3 months practical training in our school. We are a member of the EUROPEA organization what gives us good opportunities to know the newest education-methods.

We would like to improve our international network and would like to find new partners for the future programs. This year we had cooperation with Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Finland, UK, Ireland and Estonia. We had programs for the students and for the teachers as well.

Our plans and visions

The new management of the centre started to work three years ago. Since than we have done loads of reforms but we have tasks for many other years.

We have goals, plans and visions and we know how to achieve them.

We want to build innovative, student-friendly schools where students and teachers feel positive. For these goals we have to learn new methods and change the traditional ways of thinking in some points.

We need to develop the cooperation of the four schools in the production. With this vision we can put into the practice our grandiouse project: „from the land to the dining table”.

We know, that the success of an organization comes from the employee’s happiness, satisfaction. So we want to help our the teachers and students to find their own identity, their aims and develop their competencies and personality.